4’s Graduation

Children in Ms. Kay’s 4A /JNK A 9-11  & 4B/JNK B 11:45-1:45 Class will gather for Graduation. Families are invited to attend. Note: This event will each start at regular class time ending with an early dismissal.

4’s Father’s Day

Children bring their Dad’s to school for the day and enjoy a full filled class. They will share songs/crafts/games and Doughnuts with Dad Note: Last day of regular classes

4’s Cowboy Day

Children wear WESTERN CLOTHES on this day.

4’s Field Trip

Children go on a FIELD TRIP to the Zoo. All children must travel to and from the school by bus. Note: Event Time 9am-2pm ALL CHILDREN: Dropped off at school 9am ALL CHILDREN: Picked up at school 2pm        

4’s Teddy Bear Picnic

Children bring in a TEDDY BEAR (not just any stuffy) and we will have a TEDDY BEAR PICNIC