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Ms. Kay

Hello! My name is Kay Gimenez and I am the owner and director of Little Learners Preschool. It has been my privilege over the last 20+ years to help families from all over SE Calgary start their children off on their journey to Social and Academic Success! 

I am the Mother of two wonderfully talented men. One of which is a Teacher himself and the other an Engineer and the father of my 2 amazing grandchildren. 

My love for children, combined with my interest in Early Childhood Development, prompted me to pursue my Diploma in Early Childhood Education from Mount Royal University in 1995.

In my classroom I promote “Learning Through Play” 

I love to encourage children – to explore – to inquire – to create – to think outside the box. 

There is no better Joy than the look on a child’s face when they have mastered a skill they have been working so hard to achieve!

I am so lucky to come everyday to a place that I Love     and do what I Love to do.

I don’t even call it “Work” But Where Dreams Happen!


Ms. Sarah

Hello! My name is Sarah Wasyliw and I have been a Teacher’s Aide at Little Learners since 2019. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Studies and worked for the Alberta Government for 12+ years before I became a stay-at-home mom to our two wonderful children.

As toddlers both of my children began taking music and then instruments, through a local Suzuki program. I enjoyed it so much that I became a certified Suzuki Early Childhood Education Instructor and began teaching music classes to babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

 I have always loved being around children and once my children started school I began volunteering regularly with the CBE, reading weekly with the children in their classrooms. I moved on to join the CBE’s “School Literacy Program” – working one on one with the children who really needed help the most.

 Now I am thoroughly enjoying working with the preschoolers at Little Learners – helping them grow and learn is incredibly rewarding.

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Ms. Karen

Hello! My name is Karen Gimenez and I am the Daycare Supervisor here at Little Learners. I started working at Little Learners as a preschool teacher in 2006 after receiving my diploma in Early Childhood Education from Mount Royal University. My summers throughout high school and college were spent working for the City of Calgary running various       day camp programs.

I ended up moving on to a career in civil engineering and construction for over 10 years, but chose to return to childcare after having my own two children.

I love watching how quickly the children in our care learn and grow, and I especially enjoy their developing sense of humour and hearing their silly jokes.

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Ms. Vilma

Hello! My name is Vilma Paleyan and I have been a Teacher at Little Learners since 2008. Prior to that I was a Nanny for 10 years to 3 wonderful energetic boys. 

I am the Mother of two amazing children that also attended Little Learners Preschool and flourish in school as a result.

My love for helping children achieve their potential makes this the perfect Job. 

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Ms. Ivy

Hello! My name is Ivy Torres. I joined Little Learners as a teacher in August 2023. I have a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education from the Philippines and have taught for 15 years         in the public elementary school system.

         I am a mom to the two smart boys. I like spending time              with them during my spare time.

           I loved being surrounded by children, so I am happy               to be part of Little Learners.


Ms. Lucy

Hello! My name is Lucy Brandcyn, and I am studying Early Childhood Education through the Early Childhood Education and Development Diploma at Bow Valley College. After I graduate from Bow Valley College, I plan to go onto University and take my education degree and become a kindergarten/grade one teacher. 

I have worked and done practicum at Little Learners since the summer of 2023, and I absolutely love the job. It’s the highlight of my day to be able to spend my time with the children at the daycare and getting to know them. 

I live with my mother, my dachshund Roxie, and my two guinea pigs Pumpkin and Muffin. I am also the alternate guardian/trustee and FMS provider for my adult special needs brother. Growing up, I have always played an active part of my brother’s life. As well as doing volunteer work and respite for other families from a very young age. I currently provide respite care for my neighbor’s severe ASD son, who just turned nine years old, and I have experience working with children on the spectrum. 

In my spare time, I enjoy writing, drawing, and going for walks with Roxie. I also really enjoy baking and am always on the lookout to try new recipes.

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