Government Subsidy Information

Updated Jan 31, 2022


The government has come up with a new 2 part subsidy system. 
First Portion:
The center portion of the subsidy are starting to be put in place here in January. How it works is each center will be given the paperwork (sometime in January) to apply for each child individually. 
Preschool Age (3-5) $75
However the subsidy is not paid to the center until the middle of the next month because the center has to input the child’s true attendance hours for the month. 
Second Portion:
There is also a Parent Subsidy portion. This subsidy is now available for EVERY FAMILY attending preschool (not just low income families) 
Use the following link to apply. 
The Government will determine what dollar amount your family qualifies for base on your household income. This amount will then be added to your child’s total subsidy.  
Once one or both of these are in place you will only be responsible for the remaining money to equal the cost of your program fee. 
E.g.  $75+$125=$200  Gov Subsidy 


         $290-$200=$90 Fee due to                   Little Learners from family 
         $305-$200=$105 Fee due to                 Little Learners from family 
          $400-$200=$200Fee due to                 Little Learners from family 

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